“Cinematic Landscape”
workshop with photographer Tim Richmond
Somerset March 9-10 th 2019

from the dark wet alley in small town England, to the vast panoramic vistas in the American West, the ‘cinematic landscape’ is a key weapon of narrative – the glue for a plot.

The workshop will look the use in cinema of establishing shots, creating a particular place in the imagination, and how these thoughts translate into an approach towards landscape photography.

The work will comprise of discussions on the nature of narrative, introductions, watching film clips, a short field trip, and finally a critique of the work.

Tim Richmond will be hosting the small intimate workshop from his rural Somerset retreat, over 2 days. The workshop is aimed at advanced participants, and as such Tim would ask for those interested to send in a few examples of their work.

The price for workshop is £365.00

For further details, please contact Tim Richmond
[email protected]

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