the narrative landscape
by Art photography workshop with TIM RICHMOND + CHERYL NEWMAN April 21-24th 2016

We will discuss the narrative potential of photography and cinema’s relationship with the landscape by looking at the work of several artists. Particularly Wim Wenders, Andrei Tarkowsky, Edward Hopper, and Terrence Malick all of whom are free from needing to express one viewpoint, rather offering up versions of the truth through our interpretation. Based from rural, secluded environs just inside Exmoor National Park, we will examine, and enjoy, the thoughts, traits, and techniques of landscape photography in its many different forms.

“Part of the role as a photographer is to give the ordinary its rightful attention, and some of the most interesting people can be found in the most unlikely of places. A sense of realism is shared throughout all my projects, with the finishing touches and style leaning towards the cinematic, being specific and generic at the same time. The photographs are imbued with melancholy, empathy, and ambiguity.”

CHERYL NEWMAN is a writer and photography consultant living in London. For more than fifteen years she was the Photography Director of the Telegraph Magazine, a glossy weekend supplement with the Daily Telegraph newspaper in UK. She teaches workshops globally on fashion, editorial and documentary photography.

Cheryl has served as a judge for many photographic awards including: the Ian Parry Award, the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait gallery, the Getty Grant 2015, the Santa Fe Editors Choice 2014, HIPA Dubai 2014 and the PhotoEvidence Book Award 2015. She is on the Faculty of the Bilder Nordic School in Oslo, and a regular speaker on the photo circuit in the UK, US and Europe.

At present she is curating a long-term project on Blindness within the Commonwealth for the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Trust and running a twelve-week mentorship programme with Capa Gold Medal winner 2015, Marcus Bleasdale.

TIM RICHMOND is an internationally acclaimed photographer and filmmaker who applies his unique aesthetic to a range of work covering landscape, documentary and fashion. Richmond’s photographs are imbued with distinctive narrative strands. He is also a master printer with an extensive knowledge of photographic history.

He has photographed for major publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair, the Telegraph Magazine, and Nowness. His book, Last Best Hiding Place was recently published to great acclaim and his work is housed in many private collections as well as the National Portrait Gallery.

He lives in Somerset with his wife, the writer and artist Lee C. Wallick, and their young baby Dakota.


Three-day workshop including various meals and wine: £495.00
Participants will be expected to make their own travel arrangements.

Thursday, April 21

7.00pm Welcome dinner: over a delicious locally sourced meal the group will have time to get to know each other in a relaxed country environment.

Friday, April 22- Sunday 24th

Cheryl Newman would like the students to introduce themselves, and we will look at the participant’s work with discussion, establishing what their expectations are from the workshop. She would like the students to bring small prints – no more that six to ten of the landscape project they would like to develop.

Tim Richmond will explore the concept of the narrative landscape, and how his personal projects/books take shape and what inspires him to photograph the landscape in both his local area and in his adopted USA.

Each day is a balance of shooting time, along with discussions, critiques.

Additionally we will cover

the editing process more closely, how we make selections, and examine the process for editorial use, the gallery or advertising.
what makes a successful landscape.
how the student’s work has succeeded or failed.
how to re-think the way you perceive and make your work